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About Us, BASE @ IIT-JEE - 75 students qualified

To help the students prepare for IIT Entrance Examination, BASE will offer its IIT JEE Achiever training program, with the following features:


Content: The program covers exhaustive content in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It covers the related topics with quality synopses and is followed up with adequate worked examples and practice exercises. Classroom sessions are interactive and are backed by multimedia presentations.


Assessment: Regular tests will be conducted to prepare the students for the rigorous IIT Entrance. Answers to questions in these practice tests will be discussed in the classroom.


Additional Learning Support: Beyond classroom teaching, we provide effective study techniques and time and stress management skills.


BASE faculty provides mentoring and counselling support, to understand each student's specific academic and emotional support requirements, and work towards providing them.


BASE learning processes have the potential to transform the way these young men will approach problem solving situations in their lives.


Tapas builds Life Skills
To succeed in tomorrow's competitive world, students need to be equipped with life skills. Tapas nurtures students' interpersonal communication, structured thinking and creative problem solving. Discipline is given top priority. A day's schedule includes Yoga, meditation, plenty of time for reading, interactive sessions with achievers ... to enhance their self-confidence.


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