At Tapas Odisha, we firmly believe that our special mentors and Tapas in-charge teachers help students in enhancing their performance.
  • Who is eligible for Tapas?

    Any Student who is studying in Class X in Karnataka, with at least 80% marks in Class IX exams and a family income of less than Rs 1,50,000 is eligible for Tapas.

  • How much is the fees for the program?

    There is no fee for this program. The entire program is free, including accommodation and food.

  • Why is this available only for boys?

    There are many aspects that will need to be taken care of. At this point in time, we are ready for managing boys. In the future, we will plan for Girls.

  • Where will the written exam be conducted?

    The written exam will be conducted at the District headquarters and some additional towns. The complete list of centres is available on our website

  • What is the syllabus for the written exam? Which subjects will be tested in the written exam?

    The syllabus for the written exam will be the same as what is in Class X. The subjects will be Science(Physics, Chemistry) and Mathematics.

  • What is the pattern of the written exam?

    The written exam will be having Multiple choice questions.

  • Will the written test also be in Kannada?

    Yes, the written test will also be in Kannada language.

  • Whom should we submit the filled up application form to?

    The application forms need to be sent through the Head Master / Principal of your school to The Co-ordinator, Tapas.

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